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Znshinesolar 10BB HALF-CELL Bifacial Light-Weight Double Glass Monocrystalline PERC PV Module

Excellent Cells Efficiency

  • MBB technology decreases the distance between busbar and finger grid line, which increases power.

Better Weak Illumination Response

  • More power output in weak light conditions, such as haze, clouds, and early morning and evening


  • Ensured PID resistance through the quality control of cell manufacturing process and raw materials.

Adapt to Harsh Outdoor Environment

  • Resistant to harsh environments such as salt, ammonia, sand, high temperatures, and high humidity environments.


  • Global, Tier-1 bankable brand, with independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing.

Excellent Quality Management System

  • Warranted reliability and stringent quality assurances well beyond certified requirements.

BiFacial Technology

  • Up to 25% additional power gain from backside depending on albedo.

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