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Sunmodule Plus

Powering American Homes For More Than 40 Years

For over four decades SolarWorld Americas has been creating the highest quality solar cells and panels. Driven by uncompromising standards of quality and reliability, every solar panel they produce demonstrates their commitment to American innovation, manufacturing and sustainability.

  • SolarWorld's Watts+ guarantees their panels will produce at least the minimum advertised nameplate power
  • PowAR-TECHTM Glass features the industry’s best anti-reflective coating, capturing more light and increasing your panels’ power
  • SolarWorld's patented INFINITEETM Corners and Frame Technology are press-fit for superior strength and aesthetics and enhanced drainage
  • By capturing more light, OPTIGRIDTM Cell Layout increases lifetime performance while also greatly increasing durability
  • Perma-SilTM J-Box sealing encloses critical electrical connections, protecting them against moisture intrusion
  • With CoAST Salt Resistance, installations on islands or near coastal areas are certified against salt corrosion
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