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Silfab SLA-M

100% Maximum Power Density

Silfab’s SLA-M 310 ultra-high-efficiency modules are optimized for both Residential and Commercial projects where maximum power density is preferred.

100% North American Quality Matters

Silfab’s fully-automated manufacturing facility ensures precision engineering is applied at every stage. Superior reliability and performance combine to produce one of the highest quality modules with the lowest defect rate in the industry.

North American Customized Service

Silfab’s 100% North American based team leverages just-in-time manufacturing to deliver unparalleled service, on-time delivery and flexible project solutions.


  • Ensures Maximum Efficiency

60 of the highest efficiency, premium quality monocrystalline cells result in a maximum power rating of 310Wp.

  • Advanced Performance Warranty

25-year linear power performance guarantee to 82%.

  • Enhanced Product Warranty

12-year product/workmanship warranty.

  • Built By Industry Experts

With over 35 years of industry experience, Silfab’s technical team are pioneers in PV technology and are dedicated to an innovative approach that provides superior manufacturing processes including: infra-red cell sorting, glass washing, automated soldering and meticulous cell alignment.

  • Positive Tolerance

(-0/+5W) All positive module sorting ensures maximum performance

  • 44 PPM Defect Rate*

Total automation ensures strict quality control during each step of the process at our certified ISO manufacturing facility. *As of December 31, 2016

  • Light And Durable

Over-engineered to weather low load bearing structures up to 5400 Pa. Light-weight frame exclusively designed with wide-ranging racking compatibility and durability.

  • PID Resistant

Proven in accordance to IEC 62804-1

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